13 Mar 2018


Do you see them? I didn’t used

13 Mar 2018

Do you see them? I didn’t used to. I do now. But it took death to open my eyes to all of the #encouragement that’s put in front of our eyes every day.

Today I’m at the London Book Fair. I’m going with the mindset that I’m an author, as I have written a book. Even though there’s still a LONG way to go!

On paper, what I’m doing is ridiculous. The corporate side of me shudders. I’ve left my successful career. I’m raising my kids on my own and I’ve decided, because I know have to, to share my story.

Sometimes you can’t articulate why you’re doing something, other than you just know you have to. It’s just part of your path. I know why I’ve come to this prestigious event, I know my purpose. But just like everybody else, I still get that wobbly feeling of self doubt. Then I saw this in my friend’s bathroom this morning. I knew it was a #sign.

We all do things that feel impossible. Every day. I know what I’m doing is crazy, but I also want to speak to anyone else that feels like their dreams are off the table. They’re only not on the table because you put them there.

Listen to your heart. It beats a certain way for a reason. God has a plan for all of us, even when the seed that has been planted seems utterly IMPOSSIBLE 🙏🙏🙏

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