Flying Solo
31 Mar 2019

Flying Solo

This is me 24 hours into motherhood.

31 Mar 2019

This is me 24 hours into motherhood. I was exhausted, bewildered, frightened, worried if I was doing it right but one thing got me through. Love 💕💥

If you’d told the girl in this picture 6 years ago that cancer would move in, the love of her life would die, and she’d have to solo parent not one but two boys, she’d have flipped. She would have shrugged her shoulders and said no way. No way can I do that.

Fast forward 6 years, and I do that every day. I fly solo being Mum and Dad. I give the kisses and play WWF wrestle parties. I put plasters on their knees and play football. These big days are harder though, as the world magnifies the image of what you should be, and you question what you have. Am I enough? 

We don’t have one big thing. He’s missing & there is, and will always be a huge hole in all of our hearts. What we do have though is love, so much love. 3 years into this crazy #widowed life that love continues to pour out from the strangest and most beautiful of places. It’s remarkable. 

So this isn’t a Mother’s Day. This is just another celebration of love day. This is for all the mums being dad. This is for all the dads being mum. This is for all the mums who don’t have their children to shower them with love. This is for all the children, whatever age, who don’t have their mum. This is for all the women who desperately want to be a mum. We all have a story. It’s not the 2.4 picture perfect the card shops and restaurants want us to believe. 

Life isn’t perfect. People we love will die. But our love. That’s special. Nothing or no one can take that. It’s always with us, even if of makes the back of your throat hurt. So this Mother’s Day be thankful for what you do have. It’s always easy to be angry about what you don’t. Be thankful & look up. Thank the stars, the universe or God (whatever you want to call it.) Because there’s always more love to go after, there’s enough for us all. Love is free, it’s big and it’s kind. Thats one beautiful & happy certainty of life.  Don’t just celebrate motherhood today. Celebrate LOVE. Celebrate LIFE 💥 

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