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George’s Legacy

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Obviously death at a young age brings terrible grief and terrible loss.
This can’t be ignored or not felt.

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However, the greatest gift we have in life is choice.

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I am clear that I want everyone to choose love, laughter, peace and happiness for the future. 
Park the grief, and inject your sparkle to rain upon us all.
I want you to share your magic, share your gifts and share your perspective.
I feel so incredibly lucky to know such a diverse group of family, friends and colleagues with such brilliantly different strengths. Now is the time to use them.
So today, let out the grief, and cry happy tears, for the incredible memories we have made together.
No one can ever take those away.
But then, make the choice.

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Make the choice that from this day forward,
you will bring your brilliance and love to those around you.

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When there’s a choice always laugh rather than cry, always dream rather than accept, always look for the positive in every single situation and always, always look forward. 

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When I’m on my bike, and it’s feeling tough,
my mantra is always,
don’t stop spinning!


This is what I ask of all of you today.

Don’t stop spinning forward, as I know that the future is full of beautiful things for everyone.